The Son-Rise Program® In-Person Start-Up (Multiple dates available)

  • The Son-Rise Program® In-Person Start-Up (Multiple dates available)

Come spend five amazing days away from the stress and strain of everyday life in the company of other parents who share similar situations learning everything you need to know to begin your own home-based Son-Rise Program.

The Son-Rise Program In-Person Start-Up is designed to help those with children of varying ages, from 18 months through 60 years, with a wide range of developmental difficulties, most commonly Autism Spectrum Disorders and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.

Program Features:

  • Experience an accelerated fast-track program that gives you months of information in 5 days!
  • Participate in carefully-crafted interactive experiences designed to enable you to truly understand how to implement The Son-Rise Program techniques, leaving you with a deep confidence, strength, hope, and sense of optimism.
  • Question and answer sessions that specifically address and offer solutions to the wide array of questions, concerns and real life issues that parents deal with on a daily basis, such as eating issues, sleep problems, potty training, dietary intervention, and dealing with hitting, yelling, and other challenging behaviors.
  • Bond with other parents (and educators) walking the same path as you. Many course attendees make lifelong friends during the in-person course.
  • Build a supportive community that can serve as a valuable support network for you throughout your journey with your child. After attending The Son-Rise Program Start-Up, parents often share that they no longer feel alone and isolated. Instead, they feel connected and supported, often for the first time.
  • Get direct, engaged interaction and inspiration from our dynamic, caring, motivating, and deeply knowledgeable teachers, who have spent thousands of hours working directly with children on the spectrum. (Any experience you’ve had with your child… we've probably encountered it fifty times!)
  • Take time away from your hectic and busy life to decompress on our beautiful mountainside campus, where food, lodging, a fitness center, hiking trails, and opportunities to walk and relax surrounded by nature are all included as part of your experience. (You'll also be close to New England towns with delectable eateries!)
  • Be surrounded by incredibly supportive staff who totally believe in your child (and you) - a dramatic departure from what you might be used to!
  • “My 16-year-old son and family were in a crisis when we first heard about The Son-Rise Program. He displayed symptoms of Autism and was having numerous seizures, becoming aggressive at school and was very unhappy. Fourteen months later, with the benefit of the parent-training program taught at the Autism Treatment Center of America, Tyler is so happy. His conversation skills have developed incredibly, his seizures have been reduced from every 5 days to as long as 6 weeks apart! He gives spontaneous hugs, talks about his feelings, has developed a great imagination and is more comfortable in groups and new situations. We are so thankful to have found a way to help Tyler.”
    — Gail P., Canada
  • “A 5 star program.My husband and I are nearing our last day at The Son Rise Program Start-Up. Wow! So much useful information about our 8 year old son who has an ASD diagnosis. With autism there is NO manual you receive upon diagnosis. This program is your manual! Finally solid, useful information you can start implementing with your child today. Get here! Take this course and see the life of your child change! We started using techniques before coming and they work! Ready to start a full time program soon after we get back home. We've done it all, therapy after therapy and biomedical interventions. They all have helped alittle but this is your way into your child's autistic behaviors and bringing them into our world. Thank you to all the staff at Autism Treatment Center of America! You are making a difference! Thank you!”
    — Candice H.C. – Mom, | Child: Aidan, Age 9, Autism
  • “Son-Rise Start-Up Program has been the most beautiful life experience for my husband and I. We are going back home with a different, renewed state of mind, which is the key to help our son recover. And of course we learned the tools to implement and run The Son-Rise Program. We feel blessed, and cannot wait to start. Thank you, Son-Rise team.”
    — Carolina B., Mom, Italy | Child: Francesco, Age 2, Developmental Delay
  • “The Son-Rise Start-Up Program is the only place where unconditional love and acceptance are treated as the best tools to help kids with special needs. It's a training for the parent to change their mentality of looking towards any incidence as an opportunity to grow. It changed my perspective of looking at autism and gave me hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel. It returned to me my capacity to DREAM. What else could I ask for!”
    — Pragati O., Mom, U.S.A. | Child: Ishan, Age 3, Autism
  • “I came to this program very confused, without knowing where the world is taking me to. NOW AFTER THE PROGRAM, I have changed so much- where I feel more CONFIDENT, POSITIVE and PATIENT. I am going to go into my son's world, hold his hands and WALK HIM OUT OF AUTISM. I know the route to bring him back thanks to The Son-Rise Program.”
    — Sri B., IT Release Manager, U.S.A. | Child: Avaneesh, Age 5, Autism
  • “I loved to be here. I am a professional. It got me inspirited. After working for several years in home based program, I learned a lot in really believing in the child. Not thinking of a maybe, really belief, so thanks for that.”
    — Anne S., Therapist, Netherlands
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