The Son-Rise Program® New Frontiers

  • The Son-Rise Program® New Frontiers

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Advanced Training Course

This advanced program is essential for any parent using the Son-Rise Program with their child. Get the support, guidance and “real life’ tools to make your program soar.

You Will Learn to:

  • Know and see your child’s hidden motivations.
  • Inspire your child to engage more fully in current activities and expand their areas of interest.
  • Incorporate your child’s Social Developmental Goals into all activities.
Program Features:

Inspiration from the source:

Bears and Samahria Kaufman teach throughout this program. They bring their 80+ years of combined experience with families to each and every encounter with our participants. They provide great caring and respect for each parent and child along with strong attitudinal guidance and concrete suggestions.

Attitude Boost:

Reignite (or grow stronger!) your comfort level and sense of optimism about where your child is today and where you want to help them to go.

Ask Your Questions:

Participate in multiple, open-ended Question and Answer periods with our highly experienced teachers – who will address your ‘real life’ questions.

Help Others Help You:

Learn specific tools to help those who engage with your child to implement and use the Son-Rise Program principles and techniques.

  • “The New Frontiers Program has “breathed” life back into my daughter’s Son-Rise program®. I have no doubt that with the changes I have made in myself and my beliefs through participating in New Frontiers, it will take my child further than I ever imagined possible.”
    — Erin E., Stay At Home Mom, U.S.A. | Child: Elise, Age 3, Autism
  • “New Frontiers gave me the tools to take my son’s program to a new level, to reach for greatness. To reconnect with the other families and volunteers was a balm to my soul and gave me the gift of renewed energy for my program.”
    — Michelle B., Anat Baniel Method Practitioner, U.S.A. | Child: Isaac, Age 11, Aspergers
  • “Through The New Frontiers Program, I learned and realized that it’s OK if she doesn’t want to play with me right when I try to join her…TRY AGAIN…PERSISTENCE! Autism is not a curse; it’s an opportunity to grow with your child! I believe The Son-Rise Program is a beautiful, wonderful, exciting program. The Son-Rise Program is an opportunity of a lifetime, not only for the child, but yourself as well. Thank you Son-Rise Program!”
    — Sarah H., R.N., U.S.A. | Child: Elise, Age 3, Autism
  • “The Son-Rise Program has helped me connect with my stepson in a way that I didn’t think was possible in only a few months time. Now, a year later, we are a family instead of me being an extra shadow in the room. By using the Son-Rise principles, he is growing and getting more and more social abilities every week. And by using the Son-Rise principles, I am myself growing towards being the best parent I can imagine for both my children.”
    — Suzanne P., Singer, Netherlands | Child: De, Age 11, Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • “New Frontiers Program was such a good addition to my Son-Rise Program. It was useful in recharging my internal battery, plus it helped give me new creative ideas to expand my programs as my children learn and grow.”
    — Tara V., Mom & Entrepreneur, U.S.A. | Children: Giavanna & Frank, Ages 4, PDD
  • “New Frontiers Program was an awakening for me. Not only did I learn that my child was a treasure, but I got a new husband. I can’t wait to go home and get in the playroom with my son. I have everything I need and now I know it. I am so thankful to the Autism Treatment Center of America.”
    — Chrissy B., Medical Records Technician, U.S.A. | Child: Adam, Age 4, Autism
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