The Son-Rise Program® Maximum Impact

  • The Son-Rise Program® Maximum Impact

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Advanced Training Course

This advanced program will enable you to continue to deepen your Son-Rise Program Training to further enhance your focus and effectiveness with your son, daughter or children you work with.

You Will Learn to:

  • Be a clear, incisive and powerful team leader and team trainer.
  • Re-establish baselines for your child based on their current skill level and create a new direction for your child’s future achievement.
  • Keep your energy, excitement and enthusiasm at peak levels.
  • Take your ability to challenge your child to the next level.
  • Run effective and powerful group meetings
  • Stand strong in the face of adversity and maintain an unwavering commitment to your program

Program Features:

Inspiration from the source.
Bears and Samahria Kaufman teach throughout this program. They bring their 80+ years of combined experience with families to each and every encounter with our participants. They provide great caring and respect for each parent and child along with strong attitudinal guidance and concrete suggestions.

The Keys to Powerful Program Leadership.
We give you the tools to become a powerful Force of Nature™ for your child. These tools include: strong clarity of purpose so your program remains on course; unwavering conviction to ensure that your motivation and confidence maintain peak effectiveness; and the most amazing ability to persist so that your child is given every opportunity to meet the goals you have created.

Answers to Every Question.
This week offers the most time for questions (and answers)! We apply the best of what we know to support your program and help you achieve the greatest possible benefit for your child.

  • “I would recommend Maximum Impact for parents whose batteries need to be recharged. You leave reenergized and have the tools with your attitude that will allow you to reach for the stars with your special child.”
    — Irini K., Homemaker & Nurturer, Australia | Child: Evan, Age 5, Autism & ASD
  • “Maximum Impact filled me with “turbo fuel” to go home and be a true Force of Nature!! I had the most amazing revelations about myself – which will in turn help my son. I’ve been running my program for over 3 years, it’s such a “piece of the puzzle” I’ve been missing…so important, so different than Start-Up for sure, surprisingly even the intensive I went to 11 months ago!! I see now why there are different programs for different purposes, even if the destination is the same!!”
    — Denise S., Nurse & Lactation Consultant, U.S.A. | Child: Nathan, Age 8, Autism
  • “Having begun our Son-Rise Program full throttle after Start-Up, after a year we began to feel the batteries running low and looking for direction. We’ve found Maximum Impact held the mirror to our faces and answered all of our questions in the clearest, possible way.”
    — Ari K., Risk Advisor, Australia | Child: Evan, Age 5, ASD & Autism
  • “Maximum Impact turns up the flame of the Son-Rise Program giving you the attitude from within to use the Son-Rise tools to make the most impact on not only your child’s life, but on every life you touch – starting with your own.”
    — Shawn C., Director Of Accounting, U.S.A | Child: Clint, Age 5, PDD & NOS
  • “The Maximum Impact program was an out of this world experience for me! Being a person who embraces change, this is the next step on my ladder of who I want to be.”
    — Beverly Z., Homemaker, U.S.A. | Child: Zachary, Age 8, Autism
  • “You think that it is all about your child and what you can do to change and to help them. Take Maximum Impact and you will find that it is really about changing yourself. Like I was told once, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then on your kids. Give Maximum Impact and the Option Process an opportunity to breath new life into you and your program and ultimately your child.”
    —Renee E., Mom, U.S.A. | Children: Corinne & Carson (Twins), Ages 6, Autism, PDD, & ASD
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