Breakthrough Strategies - for Autism Spectrum Disorders (DVD)

  • Breakthrough Strategies - for Autism Spectrum Disorders (DVD)

Raun K. Kaufman’s lecture on applying the principles of The Son-Rise Program walks you through his journey of how this program enabled him to recover completely from autism. Transforming him from a mute, withdrawn child with a tested I.Q. of less than 30 into an Ivy League university graduate, who is now the Director of Global Education at the Autism Treatment Center of America.

This lecture will also provide practical strategies on how to work with your own child. He will review the concept of “Joining”, facilitating skill acquisition by capitalizing on your child’s own motivation, teaching socialization through interactive play, how to help children “unlearn” challenging behaviors and how to create a work/play environment, which maximizes interaction and learning.

  • “This is one of the best resources if you have a child with autism or any kind of learning disability. Raun is a warm, caring, and wonderful lecturer and you will truly enjoy watching him speak. Highly recommended.”
    —John D.
  • “I bought this DVD because I was curious of the Son-Rise Program. THIS DVD IS AWESOME!!! RAUN IS MASTERFUL IN IT!!! The DVD gives you very practical but highly insightful strategies that you can apply with your kid right after you finish watching it. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this DVD for EVERY parent of an ASD child. It doesn't matter if you are doing the Son-Rise Program or not, these strategies can be applied. This DVD provides multiple key strategies that can help you with engaging and developing your relationship with your child.”
    —John D.
  • “As a father of autistic son, I think this DVD is a must for any NEW or OLD parents to buy.”
    —John D.
  • “I bought this DVD and WOW!!! Raun went through the principles in detail. This is a must have. I have been through the Start Up training and the new Frontier and this is a must have! I felt like I was attending training. This DVD is worth every dollar you spend.”
    —Jane D.
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