A Miracle To Believe In

  • A Miracle To Believe In

Only Bears and Samahria Kaufman could guide Robertito through the dark and mysterious Labyrinth that separated him from the world!

Somewhere behind Robertito's wide-eyed, vacant stare lay a gentle little boy, totally alone and out of reach. He was, after all, a "hopeless" case -- "uneducable" and "autistic." Even the medical world had given up on Robertito. Until, at last, his parents found the Kaufmans: the loving couple who had rescued their own "incurable" child. Volunteers joined Robertito's parents in their journey. Before their eyes, a miracle of love and learning took place as Barry and 
Samahria Kaufman taught everyone how to love themselves and to nurture a "little boy back to life."

A Miracle To Believe - “Walks you through not only the creation of a Son-Rise Program Child with autism and his parents but also the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month journey. It would be as if you entered into the world of this family and child and had Bears and Samahria guide you through the in’s and out’s of the Son-Rise Program with your son or daughter." -

  • “There are at least eight places to cry for joy in this book, and at least one place to laugh out loud. Barry Neil Kaufman's story of the way his family loved a child back to life is a feast for the heart.”
    —The Boston Globe
  • “Oh, the power of love! I did not just read this book, I consumed it. The feelings of the Soto family were mine, as I too struggled to try and understand my autistic son. Since visiting the Option Institute® and embracing a Son-Rise Program® for our son, the changes our family has undergone have been miraculous! The son who would not hug or show affection now wraps his arms around me tight and offers me a kiss. I know this happened because I was able to change my beliefs and truly accept him for who he is. Everything that happened to the Soto's is happening to us as well. I loved reading this book right on the heels of reading Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues. These books have changed our lives!”
    — Jennifer, U.S.A.
  • “The child whom readers came to know intimately in the best-selling SON-RISE, later made into a television drama, serves as a catalyst and teacher in this miraculous story of help...a new miracle begins.”
    —Los Angeles Times
  • “Many thanks for the privilege of reading your account of the remarkable adventure with Robertito and his family. Love that comprehends and respects an inner sanctum of being without violating its uniqueness has always produced miracles -- human miracles. Your story reminds us once again of our underused power to celebrate and ennoble life.”
    —Norman C.
  • “Awesome book!!!!!!! Helped me understand my child and change my entire perspective... This book is a gift for life!!!”
    —Lea W.
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